D2 Readies for Final Matrix Match

It’s the final matrix match of the season for D2.

On Saturday, the Furies will compete against Chesapeake in a rematch from the teams’ last meeting two weeks ago, which resulted in a 48-19 victory for Chesapeake.

Kickoff: 11:00 AM

Location: Rosecroft Raceway (outer field), 6336 Rosecroft Dr, Oxon Hill, MD 20744

Follow along with the game on Twitter: @dcfuries

The Roster:

  1. Abby Holland

  2. Xa Hopkins

  3. Jennifer “Wiggles” Konish

  4. Alex Hart

  5. Rose Luzader

  6. Amy O’Sullivan

  7. Cheri Chen

  8. Carly Gniewek

  9. Cameron Clark

  10. Lucy Albin

  11. Katie Ursitti

  12. Liz Linstrom

  13. Sam Aguilar

  14. Katie “Auchbach” Auchenbach

  15. Morgana Lindey

Subs: Jen “Putty” Putnam, Katie Schmitt, Jessy “Murgz” Murgel, Carmen Cordova, Amy “KJ” Kaiser-Jones, Jen “Mango” Mangano

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